What Our Customers Are Saying

Easy to work with

I love the kit itself, literally comes with everything you need to do a full set of nails. The colors it comes with are just so pretty. The polygel itself is super soft, not very sticky and easy to maneuver. No need for a lot of slip solution. I recommend doing maybe 2 nails at a time, because in my experience the gel will settle into your cuticles if not cured right away.

By Nessa G on Aug 09, 2019

Very Nice

SO easy to work with! Great amount of things for the price and great for beginners!!

By Anya Marcelo on Nov 27, 2019

Poly gel nail kit

This product is amazing. This is my first time using poly gel and I would have to say it works great. I have Salon quality nails for a fraction of the cost. It was pretty easy to use. I watched a few videos on how to to apply and they came out perfect. I will never go back to Acrylics again. The best part was being able to do them at home. This kit came with everything you need. I also did my daughter’s nails and they came out great.

By Marissa lasoski on Jul 24, 2019