What Our Customers Are Saying

Beautiful nails

This polygel kit is very good. I loved the choice of pinks, it was easy to use but the consistency of the polygel is very soft. I used the apricot polygel and my set turned out beautiful!

By Marie503 on Mar 17, 2020

All in One Travel Kit

Less Mess!!

I got this kit to try out on my daughters 18 and 23 and i was surprised how easy it was to use. This is my first time doing nails like this I'm used to the glue on ones so not only was it super easy to use there really is no smell of chemicals really not like with acrylic nails those chemicals are harsh.. This was super great, easy to use, affordable. Loved it very much and i didn't do too bad for my first set my daughters loving them.. and well that's what life is all about for me..

By Chasity Nutt  on Aug 31, 2020

All in One Glitter Kit

Get more than you paid for

As a beginner this product was very easy and the instructions covered everything you need.

By P Giam on Oct 01, 2020

All in one Polygel Kit with black color

Great polygel for beginners

I use the polygel every chance I get. I've literally been using it since i bought it. The light broke on me early on, but I ordered a new one so it's okay. It's the polygel that matters!

By Tracy R Holmes on Jan 30, 2021

all in one Red Mermaid Kit

Super easy for beginners

First of all, ok love the colors. They're nicely pigmented. Second, this kit is a great price and has almost everything you need. This was my first time using polygel and I think they turned out really pretty.

By Brandon Weiss on Nov 27, 2020

all in one shimmer kit

Easy for beginners

Very easy to use. I got an almost perfect manicure the first time.

By Kelly S. on January 17, 2021

All in one glitter kit